Compliance with the following regulation is imperative.

Exhibitors must immediately make the necessary accommodations to comply with any reports or observations received from the veterinary or exhibition staff, whether they relate to behavioral, housing or health standards of the exhibited animals. 

 In case of serious violations of the rules, organizers can refuse booking for future editions of Verona Reptiles.


We would like to remember you that intra-community (UE) movement of animals are regulated by European laws and regulations, like EC Reg. 1/2005, EEC Directive 90/425 and others.

Law enforcements (finance, forestry rangers, veterinary health), can carry out checks both inside tht shows, both on the way in Italian road and highway. Most frequent problem is lack of authorization, requirements, and health certificates about transport of animals, feed and other animal origin materials, situations that could be punished with heavy sanctions (money) and with confiscation of anmals/goods.

We invite you all to inquire to your official veterinaries (or health system of your country) and providing, if necessary, to regularize your travels, ensuring you'll have not problems during trips and during Italian shows, so to make your trips with peace of mind and security.

Obviously, all those that have complained with requirements and authorization shouldn't fear anything.


To reserve one or more tables at "V.R. Reptiles," it is necessary to make a REGISTRATION by filling out the appropriate form with personal information. Then you'll get an email with a link to validate your account.

Once registered as USER, it's possible to require from 1 to 22 tables.

Organizers will evaluate every single request, and once tables have been assigned, the EXHIBITOR receives an email with the payment link. Payment details are also available on the personal area, in the section "my tables".

Once paid, the tables ARE NOT REFUNDABLE in any way.

In case of cancellation, if this is communicated to the organizers WITHIN 30 DAYS of the event, we grants the exhibitor a credit of 40.8€ for each table, to be used in the next edition. This sum is the result of the cost of a table, from which is subtracted an amount of 8.00€ for rental, handling and secretarial expenses that the organization must still bear

Each table is 220 cm long by 70 cm wide.

Each table cost 40 Euro + vat (22%).

The floor planimetry and table layout may be subject to change according to the technical and logistical needs of the organization.

The position in which reserved tables are assigned is at the sole discretion of the organizers 

The organization usually give the possibility to the exhibitors of the last edition, to keep the same position of the tables at the next edition, ( consecutive events ). This possibility is handled in the days prior to the opening of booking, during a special "priority-booking" period, and communicated by email.

The details of the bank account/Paypal account into which to make the payment, are visible in the personal profile of each exhibitor, along with the amount to be paid, under "my tables," once they have been assigned.

Registration is to be considered effective only when payment has been made.

The exhibitor must pay tables within 10 days, after which the reservation is CANCELED. The deadline is reduced to 5 days in the last month preceding the event.


Organizers can refuse booking due to overcrowding of exhibitors of the same product, or due violations of the rules in previous editions. Such decisions are notified by email.

Reservation is NOMINAL, and the bill that follows  refers to the data entered by the exhibitor at the time of booking. Tables are not transferable to other people, except for special situations agreed upon with the organization before the event takes place.


The exhibitors will receive the following number of passes:

  • 1-2 Tables - 2 Passes
  • 3-4 Tables - 3 Passes
  • 5-8 Tables - 4 Passes
  • 9-12 Tables - 5 Passes

If needed, it's possible to buy additional passes at the cost of 12,00€.

Only exhibitors can buy exibithor passes


Saturday from the 10.00 AM to 20.00 PM open only for the exhibitors and business related persons

Sunday for 7:00 AM

At 20:00 pm of Saturday the building will be close and will be impossible to enter the exhibiting structure before Sunday morning

The organizer reserve the right to reassigned  the reserved table to a third person if the exhibitor will not show up before 10 am of Sunday ( 9 am o’clock opening to the public )and at that stege any communication hasn’t arrive to the organization

The fair will give a plug of 220W for each table.

The fair will be close at 18:30 pm, but will still possible to stay in the halls until 20:00 pm to allow the disassembling of the stand. 


The exhibition will open on Sunday at 9:00 am and will end at 18:30 pm.


  • Adults 11.00 €
  • Children up to 130cm FREE ENTRY (instead of 0.30 €)
  • Boys from 120cm to 14 y.o. REDUCED PRICE 6.50 €
  • Exhibitor table 220cm x 70cm € 35.00 + vat (22%)
  • SHELL SCHEME – Contact the organizers for details
  • 2 Days fair pass € 12.00


During Verona  Reptiles, it's possible to sell and exchang reptiles, amphibians, plants, equipment and accessories, as well as related bibliography. Second hall (pavillion 2) is dedicated also to mammals and uncommon species of birds and fishes. Exhibitors who display birds and fishes, must communicate the species list to the staff, because of too common animals are not allowed. 

All species included in C.I.T.E.S. protection lists (Washinghton Convention Annexes I and II) or in the Bern Convention list,  must be strictly accompanied by the relevant documentation.

Animals must be exposed in containers suitable for the size and needs of the individual species, and with a source of water for those that require it.

A substrate inside each box is mandatory (sawdust, sand, paper, peat, aspen etc.).

We do not intend to provide fixed measures regarding containers, we leave it to everyone's common sense what to do. Obviously animals must be able to move around easily, and for any case of inadequacy of tanks and boxes, the organization reserves the right to intervene by making the measures it deems most appropriate.

All the exhibited animals must be in excellent health. Sick animals or animals with symptoms related to poor management will be withdrawn immediately by the veterinary enforcement.

Private exhibitors ( who do not rely on VAT number), are allowed to reserve a maximum of 3 tables

It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to exhibit mammals and birds outside of Hall 2. 

It's FORBIDDEN to dismantle stands before 6:30 p.m., when the event ends.

It's FORBIDDEN to do leafleting inside the fairgrounds, except by prior agreement with the organizers.

It's FORBIDDEN to take photographs of the public with animals on them, all the more so if for profit.

It's FORBIDDEN to feed animals inside the fair with live and/or dead rodents. It is permitted to feed saurians with crickets or other insects.

It's FORBIDDEN to sell toys or other materials not related to the Exotics animal sector.

It's FORBIDDEN to sell non-professional turtle tanks (by which I mean palm trays)

Advertising of other reptiles fair events is NOT allowed, subject to possible agreement with the organization.


Each exhibitor is considered the only responsible for the condition of his animals, and for any damage they may inflict on third parties.

It is absolutely forbidden to exhibit animals outside their box or cages. It is not permitted to let any animal run free on the tables.

Animals should be handled as little as possible, and only during sales operations.

It is forbidden to let the public touch the animals.

All cages or boxes must be darkened on at least 3 sides. Opaque boxes  or blackout fabrics are welcome.

A shelter must be provided in each box/cage to allow the animal to hide.

Exhibitors must avoid the possibility of bites/accidents, an eventuality for which the organization is not responsible.




Each Exhibitor is considered the only responsible about wellness and behavior of his animals, and about any damage they may cause to third parties.


It’s absolutely forbidden to exhibit animals outside of their boxes or cages. It is not allowed to leave animals roaming free on the stands.

The Animals should be handled as little as possible, and only during sales transactions.

It’s forbidden letting the public to touching the animals.

All cages or boxes must be blacked out on at least three sides. Opaque boxes or blackout fabric are welcome.


In Each box / cage must be prepared a shelter/nest that allows the animal to hide itself.

We invite the Exhibitors of these categories of animals to work to ensure that it is averted the possibility of bites / accidents.


A label is required for each animal exhibited showing the name of the breeder or herd, scientific name, sex, origin (understood as country of origin) and the acronym indicating the method of production (CB, CH, WC, etc.).

Acceptable abbreviations will be:

CB: Born in captivity
WC: Caught in the wild
Farm-Raised: Farmed the country of origin.

Specification of the common name (if it exists), age (if deducible), sex, and the size the species reaches is welcome but not mandatory.

For animals that may release toxins in any way ( rear fanged snakes, salamanders, toads, arachnids) a toxicity statement is mandatory.


It’s absolutely prohibited expose, sell, or even introduce in the fair ground, all the species included in the list of the dangerous animals indicated by  Decreto Ministeriale del 19-4-1996, 15-5-2001- 03-7-2003

People that do not respect this rule will be ask to live immediately from the fair 



    • Macroclemys temminckii (tartaruga alligatore)
    • Mauremys caspica
    • Chelydra serpentina (tartaruga azzannatrice)
    • Trachemys scripta spp.
    • all the gender, all the species
    • Heloderma ssp (gila monstre)
    • VARANIDAE (MONITOR LIZARDS) - all the gender, all the species
    • Boidae -Eunectes murinus (yellow anaconda), Python reticolatus (python retic)
    • Elapidae -all species
    • Viperidae -all species
    • Crotalidae- all species
    • Colubridae - Atractaspis all species ,Thelotornis kirtlandii, Dispholidus typus


  • ORDER Araneae
    • Infraorder Mygalomorphae (Orthognatha)
      • Family ACTINOPODIDAE
        • Genus Missulena (all the species)
      • Family DIPLURIDAE
        • Genus Trechona (all the species)
      • Family HEXATHELIDAE
        • Genus Atrax (all the species)
        • Genus Hadronyche (all the species)
        • Genus Macrothele (all the species)
      • Family THERAPHOSIDAE
        • Genus Harpactirella (all the species)
    • Infraorder Labidognatha (Araneomorfi)
      • Family CTENIDAE
        • Genus Ctenus (all the species)
        • Genus Phoneutria (all the species)
      • Family MITURGIDAE
        • Genus Cheiracanthium (all the species)
      • Family Genus
        • Genus Loxosceles (all the species)
        • Genus Sicarius (all the species)
        • Genus Macrothele (all the species)
      • Family THERIDIIDAE
        • Genus Latrodectus (all the species)
  • ORDER Scorpiones
      • Family BUTHIDAE
        • all the Genus, all the species
        • Genus Nebo (all the species)
      • Family SCORPIONIDAE
        • Genus Hemiscorpius (all the species)



It is permitted to handle animals only under the close supervision of breeders/sellers , and as less as possible.

Exhibition shows with people handling animals for no reason, or worse moving around with snakes around their necks or similar WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, out of respect for the decency of the area and the safety of visitors. Violators will be immediately and irrevocably removed from the event.

Exhibitors are primarily and solely responsible for the welfare and safety of their animals within the fairgrounds.

The organization is not liable for theft/damage to property or persons during the course of the event.

The organizers